A Unique Website Address
For Your Business and YOU !



  " YourName"






A Unique, Descriptive Website Address
To Promote All of Your Websites.



Learn how you can subscribe to a web address made just for you to list and promote all of your websites. You can be up on the web in a few minutes, with your unique web address from WebsitesFrom.com

Website Listing ~ Website ~ Name
All in ONE !

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  • Web Address

   A descriptive and easy to remember domain name for listing your sites.
   is even more descriptive and unique with your personal or business name added to make the perfect website address (URL) for promoting all of your sites listed.

  • Examples


Name can be (letters / numbers / hyphen)
(A~Z) .. (0~9) .. (-)
(can not begin or end with a hyphen)

Examples below show how unique your web site address can be.

WebsitesFrom.com/John (Example) WebsitesFrom.com/NorthWoods
WebsitesFrom.com/JimAndSue WebsitesFrom.com/WildernessONE
WebsitesFrom.com/WarrensBros WebsitesFrom.com/OldBlue


  • Benefits

Your unique website address can be used in any print media available to you. Where ever you advertise your business now ...

... On Business Cards, Yellow Page ads, Newspaper ads, Letter heads, Invoices, Email signatures, Brochures,  Building / Vehicle Signs, etc.

  • Your Website

Your Unique WebsitesFrom.com/YourName website address
(URL) can be setup to one of these ways ...

  • Can redirect to your existing website URL.
  • Web pages can be built by you or a friend, and forwarded to me to publish.
  • Web pages can be built by me using your supplied pictures and information, all to your satisfaction.
  • Your web site can be a simple contact page, or several pages  with pictures of your work etc, or a complex database driven shopping cart sales page.
  • Can start out small, and grow with your ideas. It is unlimited.

  • Value To You

WebsitesFrom.com address offers you these valued features ...

  • Describes in two words .... WebsitesFrom .... what it is !
  • is a .com web address ( Instantly recognized as a website in your ads )
  • Includes your unique Name
  • Truly Brands your website listing.

Your Purpose

Instant Website

For Your Site Listing
Precisely Says it all Uniquely


  • Request Demo


Demo) First request a Free Demo Page to see how it works.

Email me "YourName or Number", and webpage URL
if you have a current webpage now )
for your no obligation Demo page using ....



NOTE: this will open your email program, simply click your curser at the end of the sentence, hit enter a couple of times, and enter
Name and Complete URL if you have one and send to me.
I'll make your demo page ASAP.

Unlimited possibilities

I'll reply via email when your demo page is live,
for your review.


  • Subscribe

Your Unique WebsitesFrom.com website address (URL) is available through annual subscription.  The cost depends on your needs and what you want to publish on your site.

1) ($5/mo) for a redirect to your existing URL. (if you have one)

WebsitesFrom.com/Name would go directly to your current website pages.

2) ($10/mo) I host your site with pages and content you furnish.

3) ($20/mo) As your webmaster, I host your site, build and edit your pages as per your design and request, shopping cart integration, affiliate links, guest book, favorite links page, custom graphics, audio, video available, etc.

Email me for full details
and questions you have.

Or Call Evenings (715) 695-2676
( Wisconsin )

I can help !



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